Mayan Civilizations In America

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What were the greatest civilizations in America before 15,000 c.e.? What kind of lifestyle was in america during this time? In america there was a great variety of civilizations. Each civilization had its unique properties and other properties were similar. It's still unknown on how did these individuals get to the Americas. Although, there are several amazing theories about how these people got to the americas it is still just suppositions, and they are just proven to be accurate but not true. However, these civilizations did a good job to survive and to adapt to their environment. Even Though, these civilizations didn’t had the advanced technology that the rest of the world had like machine guns, use of powder, paper, use of farm animals, …show more content…
The Mayans were another major civilizations that worshipped several gods.The Mayans obtained a great number of cultural and religious characteristics. The mayans located in what is now known in modern days as Yucatan, Quintana Roo, Campeche, Tabasco, and Chiapas in mexico and southward through Guatemala, Belize, El Salvador and Honduras shows the article Mayan Civilization, by Joshua J. Mark, July 06,2012. The Mayans didn’t just occupied a vast amount of land but they also had great power and influencers around the sixth century A.D. The article of Mayan, by history, disputes that the Mayans were centered in one geographical block, this showed the Mayans remained secure by invasions by other mesoamerican villages or civilizations. The mayans weren’t just strategic to protect themselves but they also put thinking into their agriculture, pottery, hieroglyph writing, calendar-making and mathematics. The article Maya, by History, goes on to say that the mayans had a great advancement in their mathematics including the number zero, astronomy, and created the 365 days year calendar. The Mayans used the 365 days calendar for agriculture and each city- state fit the systems depending on the land.They expanded farming to highlands as much as the lowlands and farmers surrounded the cities. With the farming technique the Mayans could build prosperity cities.Each city held a population between 5,000 people, and at its peak the Mayan civilization could of reached 2,000,000 inhabitants. These cities had great architectures and symbolic artwork. Their greatest work are the temples that are constructed in a stepped pyramid shape.The Institute of Archeology, article of Architecture, Architecture and Archaeology, comments that the temples were served as residences for the ruling elite and for administrative purposes. These temples however, were specially used to worshipped their gods,