Mayo Clinic Case Study Memo Essay

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Mayo Clinic Case Study
International Marketing
March 18, 2014

The Mayo Clinic
To: Marketing staff
From: Ethan Robinson

cc: All Mayo Clinic representatives
Date: March 18, 2014

Re: New Marketing Research Strategy New Marketing Strategy
Attention Staff:
The information contained within this memo will immediately go into effect. It is the responsibility of all staff to represent the Mayo Clinic brand in a uniform and responsible way so that patients and all who enter the clinic have a very positive experience. Word of mouth marketing has been our strongest ally and serves as a very powerful tool. In order to create a cohesive marketing research design strategy this memorandum will outline specific
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Clinical trials and sponsorships like fundraising walks can prove to be important marketing research tools.
Some things to keep in mind when conducting strategic marketing research include cultural influences, geographic location, and current awareness of the brand. We must chose to conduct research in markets that have potential to supply patients that would benefit from services of our clinic. In this way observational research can be a tool within a tool, we can observe before we decide what method that particular market best will respond to. After identifying the market to be researched you must obtain the trust of the people you will be interacting with and communicate the advantages that The Mayo Clinic provides. Extensive research using both primary and secondary methods in target markets allow a better understanding and more reliable data to be extracted and analyzed. Generally we will conduct research both through vendors and ourselves, this is a combination of primary and secondary methods though primary research will prove more investigative and tailored to fit our needs. A mix of qualitative and quantitative data will be collected.
To review the strategy as discussed in the meeting we will identify largest potential markets for international healthcare and target those markets for research. Next we must identify the most effective means of communication of the benefits our clinic offers in that area. When conducting secondary