Maze Runner Self Discovery Quotes

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An individual’s view can be reconsidered as well as their perspectives being challenged as a result of discovery. This leads to new perspectives and understandings in the surrounding world through the discovery of change as well as self-discovery. Discovery can be explored in the set text ‘Motorcycle Diaries,’ a diary that traces the early travels of the author ‘Che Guevara,’ as well as the related text ‘The Maze Runner,’ the first book of the science fiction trilogy, by author ‘James Dashner’. In both texts the discovery of change can be similar, whereas self-discovery in both can show differing views.

‘The Motorcycle Diaries’ is an autobiographical diary about the personal trip of 21 year old, Che Guevara and his friend Alberto Granado.
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Guevara is admiring the night sky when he is suddenly encountered by a strange man who describes to Guevara how powerful authorities mistreat and manipulate the working class for their benefit. This is shown in the quote, “They can only learn at the cost of their own mistakes which will be very serious,” where the unknown man is stating that if society doesn’t discover that they are being used by authorities there could be consequences. The quote pulls together, how personal, cultural, historical and social values affect the process of discovery, how it stimulates new ideas and how the concept of discovery broadens our understanding of ourselves together with the world. Discoveries offers new understandings here in the final chapter because it is a remarkable small debate. It appears to suddenly reflect the ‘renewed’ Guevara rather than the young, naive doctor in the beginning of the book. Alike ‘The Maze Runner’ where discoveries changed the characters, The Motorcycle Diaries explored the statement where discoveries offer new understandings where most of all the entries reveal Guevara’s profound discovery and renewed perceptions of themselves and others. This also reflects on society where circumstances can change our views of ourselves and the people around