MBA 505 Assignment 1 Essay

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Jeffrey Obert
Assignment 1
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1) Creative and innovative thinking was very influential for Tim Cook. Steve Jobs brought about many creative electronics, and Tim Cook expanded upon that creativity from the standpoint of a manager rather than that of a designer like Steve Jobs.
2) Tim can most accurately be described as a leader because of his ability to make things happen. As is stated in the text, Tim Cook immediately took charge of the company and helped it to run more efficiently. The company seems to be far more organized with Tim Cook in charge because of his energetic demeanor.
3) As leaders set objectives for behavioral change, leaders bring about change by asking followers for their input. The main difference that you can point out between the two Chief Executive Officers is the way in which they conduct their business. Steve Jobs relied primarily on emotions whereas Tim Cook is very straight forward and professional.
4) Cook really likes the fact that there are so many loyal customers. He is not saying that he is above the level of Steve Jobs, but they are alright without him. The primary concern for Tim Cook as the CEO is to make the company run more efficiently while maintaining excellent customer satisfaction. The Apple organization works together to ensure that the people of the company are as happy as possible.
5) Tim Cook’s leadership skills have led to his and Apple’s success. The strongest skill that Tim Cook portrays are