Essay about Mba Case Study Chris Gardner Pursuit of Happiness

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[pic]10SP - MG630 152 Org. Behavior & Leader. 21st (Monday)
June 21, 2010

The story of Chris Gardner, a man with vision, a role model to his son and a classical example of how a homeless man with a child can exert himself from being poor to become one of the most outstanding man who successes, and go above and beyond what people think of him. In describing Chris Gardner personality traits, I would say it consist of the fact that he very aggressive ambitious and loyal to his son. Referring to Abraham Maslow’s hierarchy of needs, his physiological thirst was become a stock broker to improve his living condition. In providing his child with a safety place to bathe, sleep and eat. Chris knows that he poor therefore, he
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In self-efficacy theory; the more effort Chris put into his work, the more he is able to sell his. What motivates Chris to become the person that he is, his son, setting a role model for his child. Being raped by other men and abused by his step father pushes him to charge forward and look back. He is an optimistic person. Where he would turn a negative comment into a positive feedback and use that to make him stronger and pushes himself further. Chris is an extraverted person whom is very enthusiastic, with lot of ambition and energy. Because of his ability to act and perform, he is able to adapt sociable as an individual. He has great people skill and is very people oriented. A job that is time-consuming and stressful but have and ending of satisfying a person motivation by presenting them with challenge, commitment, day to day routine changes and opportunity cost. Is a job that will cause the person to strive for more? All of the phone call Chris makes gives him a positive job satisfaction. He will go beyond the call of his duty, job requirements, seek to help other and has positive outcome for their organization. The turnover that they receive could consist of pay raise and commission. A job that provides challenge, stimulation, along with the ability to make judgment decision and controlling give an employee a lot of job satisfaction over a job that is predictable and routine. In conclusion, I would describe Chris as