MBA Essay

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MBA Essay
My long-term goal is to be a financial manager of a corporation, conducting the development of financial reports, guiding decisions that capitalize budget efficiency, and ultimately carrying out investment choices for the company. This synthesis of financial analysis, management, and strategy embody my passion for evaluating competing opportunities and coordinating initiatives to maximize value creation of limited financial resources; it also defines the skills I believe can be perfected through Hult’s intensive, hands-on MBA program and eventually contributed to a company’s financial success and growth.
My family’s hard work and achievements have inspired my ambitions, and my work and educational experiences have enhanced them. Growing up witnessing the entrepreneurial endeavors of my dad and charismatic objectives of my mom created a lasting impression that I hope to continue; my dad would create many companies out of mere ideas, and this sparked my fascination about different business strategies and why some businesses succeed while other businesses fail. It wasn’t until I started working though that I was able to understand the people and mechanisms of an organization working conjunctively for one purpose and put the skills that my parents taught me into practice. Customer service was one of the first and most important competencies that I’ve developed. This stepping stone helped me cultivate other strengths throughout my career- for example, my boss would often put me in charge of supervising my team, and I’ve relied on positive communication to guide and motivate my team which consequently increased our productivity. I’ve also developed a knack for conflict resolution, stepping in at times to mediate misunderstandings between my supervisor and colleagues.
While accompanying my mom, who was a Hospice volunteer, to the hospital and watching her help people struggling through difficult illnesses, I learned to appreciate the power of science, faith, and healing, and thus, I initially decided to pursue medicine in college. However, I realized that my skills were leading me a different route, and that’s when I was introduced to the school of management; after taking a few business courses, how different and interesting these classes were and how much of a global perspective I was gaining both in school and in life overall truly fascinated me. Since I enjoyed learning about analytical math and its applications, my focus became finance. I automatically began incorporating the knowledge I was learning into my jobs, progressing towards auditing roles