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The benefits of learning history
Marlon D. Brown
DeVry University

In order to understand societies status, what situations it’s been through and the culture you have to learn from where the origins or how it began. WWII had a huge influence across the world and Vietnam was not excluded from the actions of war. Once the French regained strength as a country in 1946, they tried to re grasped the Indochina region once again after Japanese occupation. Before WWII the French colonized Vietnam for over hundreds of years robbing them for their nature resources and land. Vietnam had problems coming in on all sides, from the north Chinese invaders and from the south was the French trying to regain their foot hold on the country. In order for Americans to understand the conflict of Vietnam, you have to look into the history of Vietnam and then you would understand why their people fought off French and American troops. They formed the north and the south back as a whole nation to become united.
This region has been picked over, pillaged and colonized by so many countries for so many years. My understanding of the Vietnam conflict was that the United States of America was liberating a nation from communism. Truthfully I didn’t know the French had a part in it until I seen “We Were Soldiers (2002)”. The opening scene was about a French column of troops marching in a Vietnam mountain trail until they were ambushed then slaughtered, and Vietminh sent a message to the French government by killing everyone and not taking prisoners.
Even my first week of this class I learn a lot about Vietnam and have a different view point of its…