Essay on MBTI Assessment

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Arsen Assani
Instructor: Michael C. Hohn
Course: BA 205
Term: Spring
April 6, 2015
MBTI assessment and Reflection Paper
After completing the Myers-Briggs Personality Type Assessment I learned that my personality type is ENTJ, and this type makes up about 4% of the U.S. population. Surprisingly I found that some of the richest persons of the world like Bill Gates, Steve Jobs and Jim Carrey are ENTJ’s as well. To me people having the ENTJ type are born to be leaders, for they know how to inspire people to follow their ideas, but they do not know how to essentially work with other people’s emotions.
ENTJ stands for Extravert, Intuitive, Thinking and Judging. I agree with the personality type that was chosen for me. After reading the report about the description of ENTJ, I think that my personality and preferences were outlined super great. I am realistic, organized, reasonable, and consistent. I also know what works and doesn’t work based on past experiences and facts. When it comes to others I do often show that I care through actions more than using words. My results also indicated that I am cautious about change and when it comes to changes. I prefer to go slow and look before I skip. When it comes to the needs of people, especially those close to me I approach tasks in an organized and thoughtful matter. It also said that I am a keeper of traditions like holidays, and I go out of my way to make sure people are cared and provided for. I totally agreed with the results of the Myers-Briggs Personality Type Assessment, my results couldn’t have been more accurate. I am a person who cares about others, and I have always said that I was born to serve. When it comes to my professional life, no job is beneath me. I am very loyal, a team player, a hard worker and sympathetic to the needs of others. To my surprise the results were very accurate when it said that I am sensitive to the feelings of others. I love to entertain, although I may not be the host. I often find myself talking to others, making sure that the needs of the guest are taken care of and making sure that they are involved. I don’t like taking risk nor do I like major changes.
What I think can really help me is to have an open mind when it comes to change. I do not agree with the results regarding personal criticism nor am I able to speak with confidence. I can definitely use this information in my work environment such as keeping an open mind to changes, not being quick to judge, and being very cautious.
The two persons I chose listing are a friend of mine and a workmate. Mamadou Bah…