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ACCT11-100 Introduction to Accounting
WEEK 6: Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)
TASK 2: Corporate Social Responsibility Task

PART 1 – Ford Pinto

Revisit the Stakeholder Theory slide in the CSR presentation.
Each pod of participants is to be allocated a stakeholder.
Each group to receive an A3 paper to write their notes.

1. Watch the two video clips as a class (links below if files not available).
2. Each group given time to answer the below questions on the A3 paper.
3. Each group to present their thoughts to the class.

Q1. What was Ford’s decision?

Q2. How does this decision affect your stakeholder (for and against)?

First video -
Second video -
Extra video if time – Milton Friedman & the Pinto decision -

PART 2 – Various CSR Reports

Use the links provided to find the answers to the following questions.

Case 1: 1. What are the five overall headings BOQ uses to report on its sustainability activities?

2. What are the components of the Bank of Queensland’s employee CSR policy?

Case 2: 3. How many employees did McDonalds have in 2012?

4. How much money did McDonalds spend on staff training in 2012?

Approximately $21 million is spent annually on the training of crew including the time of both the trainer and trainee. • More than $16 million is spent annually.

5. List and describe three ways McDonalds makes a contribution to the community.

In 2011 we celebrated the 20th anniversary of McHappy Day and raised a record $3.1