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Project One Over the last couple of weeks we have discussed and seen in class the effect of unions along with the idea of education in Appalachia. They have taught me a lot about what to expect on our journey to Appalachia this Spring Break. Over the years unions have had a strong impact in the Appalachia region. They have helped to compensate for the many workers of various companies in the area. They have also helped to stabilize the minimum wage in a predominately suffering economy. More over unions created a stable environment to the people of Appalachia. It allowed for the employees to work together as a unit rather than individuals. The best part of the unions in Appalachia is that they made sure that the unfair treatment of employees by a company or an individual were held accountable to all the workers and to the union. As a group the union clouted against companies that would keep wages unnaturally low and not offer benefits. By being educated about how the unions have transformed the area where we will serve, it makes us more accountable and knowledgeable on the Appalachia culture and jobs in the local area. Teacher unions are very important in the development of education in the Appalachia area. Appalachia has percentage of people over the age of 25 that have a high school diploma is 57.4 percent; the national average is 80.4 percent. This is most likely due to the fact that education has not been deemed upon enough in the area as a necessity. They are also not enough schools and facilities for people to get an education. As a result the teacher unions have a vital role in making sure there job is a lock. It is their vital role to continue the education in the Appalachia area. This also guarantees that they will be compensated properly for the intricate role they have in the lives of kids, where education is deemed upon as not being important. The longer teacher unions stay together the longer they can create stability for the education system, which will lead to a strong future. The movie “Waiting for Superman” was a powerful documentary. I could not happen to notice how convincing and