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Marketing Plan for McBride Financial
Robert Marler
November 9, 2014
Joseph Rezendes
Marketing Plan for McBride Financial The market, and what it can do for your company. A great marketing plan can go a long way for your company and making your more competitive with the competition. Think of reaching across the barriers of distance and time to bring in new clients extending your business needs across the globe while still staying in one location. So along came the Internet and globalizations. The Internet brought everyone right next door. So use this new and rich source to bring in more clients and spring board McBride Financial to the top of the charts.” The internet has transformed business marketing. No matter what you do, the internet is likely to be at the heart of your marketing strategy." (Atom Content Marketing, 2014)
One the first area to start in would be research, to see which direction McBride want to go in. We would need to understand the company's weakness and strength. So we know what areas need improving. We will need to know the company's goals, like short or long term goals. McBride will need to know what are the target audience is and products to sell. Develop a plan to help with the financial area for the company. When dealing with a new system the cost for the total cost from start up to finish, will need consideration. Determine how much will it cost to startup and who long will it take to pay for itself. This is one the key area a business fails when coming to marketing their services. The cost effectiveness for every step.
When considering what type of media to use there is 6 good steps to follow when dealing with the types of media out there. "1) Always Start by Researching, 2) Attack Each Social Media Outlet Differently by Listening, 3) Be Share Happy, 4) Acknowledge Mistakes, Don’t Hide Them, 5) Learn from Successful Social Media Marketing Campaigns, and 6) Measure Your Success." (Chan, 2014) Following this 6 guideline will help with all the media need for the company. Do not limited the company to one media source for the most part all the media is free or very inexpensive to setup.
Target Market Since McBride is a financial services company the market will be on a smaller scale. This has the benefits of setting the companies goals toward certain consumers. McBride Financial could expand their business to meet the growing demand of a great financial company that on the consumers side. With the growing demand for better loan options availability McBride Financial could research the market for more wide range of loans they will be able to offer to the consumers. "Targeting a specific market does not mean that you have to exclude people that do not fit your criteria from buying from you. Rather, target marketing allows you to focus your marketing dollars and brand message on a specific market that is more likely to buy from you than other markets." With this all in mind McBride Financial can move their market to consumers outside of their local domain and expand to all 50 States.
Web Ad Tools There is a lot of different types of web ad tools to use. When deciding which tools to use some consideration to think about will be the cost, ease of use and reliability. "The advertising of the future is going online--and going local. This hot trend is growing rapidly and shows no signs of letting up." (Edelhauser, 2007) Some of the top website will help draw more consumer to your website and bring in a larger consumer base for add profits to the company. Other place you can have your advertising will be the local realtors. Have a solid home base for advertisement will enhance the company's overall profile. When using Web site for your advertisement a good side will be the consumer