McBride Marketing Plan Essay

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McBride Marketing Plan

Marketing Plan
Jeff Pierce
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For any company that is looking to succeed in today’s market place it first has to succeed in its operations. A company needs a strong and functional marketing staff. This staff is responsible for performing the marketing research that will enable the company to sell goods and services to the target audience. Currently McBride Financial operates in Idaho, Montana, Wyoming, and North and South Dakota. It offers home inspections. appraisals, mortgages and credit reports. McBride places a strong emphasis on the use of modern technology to ensure its customers, and future customer the best and fastest service possible. McBride currently wants to expand and is looking for marketing ideas and techniques to do so. The following outline will show what market research must be done and what elements of media should be use and how best to utilize them. What the target markets should be and how to recognize them, and last how the internet can be used to further increase the customer base of McBride Finical.

Market Research:
For a marketing plan to succeed it has to meet the company’s vision, mission, and objectives. Any and all research should be concluded before any operations can begin. The research should include who the customers are. For McBride its customers are people that are looking to purchase a home. By using the data that is collected on these people McBride can tailor its services in a way that is ideal for the customers. By utilizing this strategy they could possibly get a large portion of the clientele looking for a home. Some of the critical data that needs to be collected for McBride in order to make that tailor presentation are things like age, sex, married, single, and occupation. This will allow McBride to design the best possible program for the customer that is looking to buy. One more thing that McBride for the program is what kind of houses the customer is looking for and at what price point they are looking to stay under. This will factor in to the overall program and show the customers which house or houses that they can buy and stay within their budget.

During the research phase McBride will be able to get information on the untapped market and will be able to serve its customers in the most best possible manor base of the current data that it has collected. It will be able to include what area the houses are being looked at the most, what those houses are going for, who is buying those houses, and preferences of those potential home owners that have not been served before. It is important to McBride that the ones that have never bought a home and are looking get the best possible service in order to make the best decision that they can with help from McBride. The final thing in the market research is the customer evaluations of McBride on how their service was, was the experience good or bad, and would they recommend McBride to friends or Family.

To get its name out in the general public McBride will need to use multiple methods of media. Television is one of the largest media outlets that McBride can use in order to get its name out in the market place. Television covers the entire area and is a good place to spend advertising dollars. Radio is another tool that McBride can utilize in its media storm to get its name known in its target audience.

McBride can also utilize online media such as Facebook, Twitter, and others to get to a larger portion of the region that it is operating in. By using a large portion of their advertising funds for online ads and advertising McBride will get the largest bang for their money. More and more people are online and would see the ad somewhere online and think I need to buy a house maybe McBride can help me get in to the house that I am looking for or want. Also having ads online will catch the eye