Essay on Mccaw Cellular Communications: the at&T/Mccaw Merger Negotiation

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SGMT 6050 – Case Write-­‐Up

McCaw Cellular Communications: The AT&T/McCaw Merger Negotiation

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Current Telecommunications Ecosystem McCaw Cellular Communications (MCC), although positioned
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After having considered all three forms of valuation, we can triangulate an approximate valuation for MCC of approximately $8.6 Billion. It is important to note that there are numerous limitations for each type of valuation methodology, however the average of the three decreases the likelihood of these uncertainties. Four-­‐Step Valuation & Final Valuation Recommendation

In addition to the valuations above, we need to add the fair values of the synergies and risks involved in the merger or acquisition of MCC. Appendix 4 illustrates the trade-­‐offs to be considered that are less tangible than the more quantitative analysis of the valuation methodologies developed above, but are just as important in order to assess the ecosystem