Mcdonald's Business and Corporate Startegies Essay

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McDonald’s Corporation Business Strategy
Customers are the foundation of successful business-level strategies and Levels should never be taken for granted. When selecting a business-level strategy the firm determines: 1. Who will be served, 2. What needs those target customers have that it will satisfy, and 3. How those needs will be satisfied.

McDonald’s answers to these 3 questions were: 1. People of various ages globally, 2. A quick, delicious, and non-expensive meal, 3. They offer a variety of breakfast, lunch, and dinner meals, snacks, and drinks for adults and children in various places around the world.

Since McDonald’s operates in 119 countries on 6 different continents they have different food selections for most,
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When you are trying to juggle a lot of different products, especially in the fast food industry you can lose focus on whatmade you number one in the first place. If you see that your company isn’t growing financially at the rate it should then research to see why this might be happening and you might want to try a new product.

McDonald’s is in the process of researching new products to introduce. These products range from Mexican foods, sub sandwiches, and pizza. The risk with introducing these products would be that customers are already established with other restaurants that sell only these types of products and might not be comfortable switching brands, not to mention each restaurant chain uses different ingredients and taste different. For example, pizza is my favorite food and I have tried Gino’s, Giovanni’s, Monty’s, Daniello’s, Husson’s, and Bellacino’s, but my favorite has always been Giovanni’s and I will always choose that over the others. With introducing new products will always have a risk, because every idea will not be popular and some will fail, but with proper research, customer surveys, and test area this will help minimize the risk factors.

McDonald’s also has opportunities that can be explored with the options of expanding into other countries, introducing new products for breakfast, lunch, and desserts into the right areas,