Mcdonald's Golden Arch Hotel

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The McDonald’s Restaurant story began in 1954, when a self-employed salesman named Raymond Kroc sold a popular milkshake mixer in Southern California, thus since then the company contains over 30’000 quick-service outlets in 122 countries around the world. As the company began to be a big success around the world, Mr. Urs Hammer, CEO of McDonald’s Switzerland got the green light from the executive board of Chicago to open a Hotel, in Zurich. Hence, the Golden Arch Hotel opened its doors in March 2001.

In this report, an investigation of the different aspect of the hotel will be made in comparison to the case study written by Stephan Michel in 2005. First of all the marketing mix shall be analyzed and explained in
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However, considering the guest surveys; Mr. Upendra Dixit mentioned that it was different from McDonald’s restaurants where there was immediate service; they had a very unwelcoming experience. Additionally they had to ring the bell to get service, and the price offered was way too high for them, there was also little effort to sell the rooms from the front-desk person and was not very friendly and welcoming. Considering this we can notice that no motivation came from the “people”, this employee had maybe never had proper training on what is the” McDonald’s way.”
The problematic with the bad review is the fact that “Golden Arch Hotel” lost potential customer because of the level of service they were used to get while in McDonald’s restaurant due to technological improvement.

The process is every baby step that occurs, such as the Standard Operating Procedures, “SOP’s”, (Medico, 2013). Process is also an element of service that sees the customer experiencing an organization’s offering. It's best viewed as something that the customer participates in at different points in time (Marketing, 2013).
To refer to the “Golden Arch Hotel”, one of the process features would be the automatic check-in, with the machine, indeed customers will be able to check-in faster but at the same time, face to face interaction with the customer will not be the same, as they would deal with a machine instead