Improve Mcdonald's Reputation In The Fast Food Industry

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Reputation management goals: * Improve McDonald’s Reputation in the fast food industry. * Increase Health Conscious menu alternatives and effectively communicate those offering to the consumers.
Relationship management goals: * Promote new initiative to new potential customers while maintaining current customer base.
Task management goals: * Focus on maintaining transparency through advertising nutritional values, and food sources. * Continue health alternative development. * Keep focus on original brand staples such as burgers, and fries.

Awareness objective: Increase awareness of healthy alternatives among families with children under 15 years old by 20% in 3-4 months.
The awareness objective would be led by the brand and strategy VP with a strong focus on social media to prompt awareness. With a primary demographic of families, interesting viral posts and videos may be a good medium to spread the word.
Acceptance objective: Create a smooth transition when trying to increase positive attitude towards the healthier new alternatives. The acceptance objective would be a joint initiative between Brand Manager and the advertising department. This area may be hard to measure. I would suggest the use of focus groups.
Action objective:
Opinion action: To prompt current customers to use word of mouth advertising for the new healthier options.
Behavior: To alter the behavior of current customers to buy new menu items and to attract new