Essay on Mcdonald's V/S Burger King Analysis

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Case Paper

McDonald’s/Burger King Analysis

Sunny Kumar

McDonald’s and Burger King have competed as the top two fast food chains in the nation since the middle of the twentieth century. Both of these companies established a strategy built around delivering food at a fast pace and in a consistent quality. The cases at hand revolve around one McDonald’s and one Burger King, both located in Hillybourne, so as to provide a level backdrop to compare the two restaurants in more depth. This analysis will first compare and contrast the two Hillybourne operations; looking at their production process, strategy, and overall impact on competition, profit, and strategy. The second section of this analysis will compare the
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This leads to a fresher final product, and a better customer experience for the customer with a special order. However, this flexibility is found at the cost of quickness. McDonald’s is able to produce a larger volume of product in a quicker time. For those customers who have a standard order, and simply want it in the fastest time, then McDonald’s will be the location of choice for the customer.
Adaptability for changes in product design or market demand: In looking at the two different production and service processes between McDonald’s and Burger King, there are advantages and disadvantages to each in looking at the flexibility to adapt to long term changes in market demand and changes in product design. McDonald’s is much better equipped to handle changes in market demand in terms of volume of products. Because of their made-to-stock process, and the fact that the employee at the register only process the product from the warming bin to the tray, a large change in market demand will simply entail a change in inventory planning of the final product. The McDonald’s staff will be able to create larger volumes at will. McDonald’s is less able to adapt to changes in product design. Since each aspect of a McDonald’s product have been engineered to be created in as efficient manner as possible, it would be difficult to change this process to create new products. Burger King serves as the