McDoobies Market Plan Essay

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Introduction All around the world, all of the fast food restaurants are doing and serving the same things. The other fast food chains are either selling burgers, hotdogs, chicken, Chinese food, or Mexican food. Why not experience a little change in the foods you choose? That’s where a place like McDoobies comes in! At McDoobies, we thought, “why not combine all the food places that we know and love, while still having our own completely different identity.” We thought that having a wide variety of foods, for a cheap price, will be perfect for the consumer at any time of the day. Our main reason for existence though, is for late night snack runs. If you need a wide variety of high quality foods, but want something out of the ordinary, this is the place to come! It’s also stated perfectly in our mission statement, that quality and customer happiness is held to a high, but equal standard.
Mission statement At McDoobies, we have very high standards, not only in our food, and customer service, but in our mission statement as well. Our mission statement states that;
“We at McDoobies, are combining high standards, with high quality, high customer service, and high satisfaction, to bring you high excellence financially, physically, and emotionally!”
We say this as our mission statement because we like to think that the customer is our number one priority. If we can keep the customer happy, we can keep our business happy. If we can keep the highest quality foods, and employee’s around our customers, then we feel like we can quire the highest quality of profit! We know that the mission statement can only take us so far, that’s why we came up with a strategy to help make all things possible.
All companies have Strength, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats. That’s called a mission statement. The mission statement at McDoobies, is as followed.
Strengths: Have goods no other company sells, always open/available Prime locations, Fun environment
Weakness: Not have full community support, may not be morally ethical to some people, not the traditional food.
Opportunities: Bringing a new type of food service to areas that are used to traditional foods, generate a younger clientele, limitless potential to expand
Threats: Restaurants changing menus, people being