Lockie Lockie Diary Entry

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Diary entrys

Dear Diary
I decided to go for a walk this after noon, when I was half way down the beach I heard the weirdest sound. I wondered over to see what it was, OH MY GOD it was some surfer rat stuck in his wetty I couldn’t help my self but laugh, I couldn’t make out what he was saying. Adventually I stoped laughing and helped him get out of his wettty, then I walked off as fast as I could hoping he wouldn’t notice who I was. I hard something behind me I turned around and there he was. We walked together to the road, he was saying the stupidest stuff but I laughed because I thought it was cute. I putt my thumb out and a ute pulled over and I got on the back Lockie didn’t didn’t like the idea of catching a ride from a random but he got in anyways. The ute dropped us of at the bottom of the hill, Lockie sad goodbye and headed for the swamp, I asked him where he was going I was a bit confused I didn’t normaly go for surfer nor swamp rats. He stoped and looked back he yealled ‘its my birthday’ so I ran up to him gave him a quick kiss and said happy birthday before he opened his eyes I was already half way up the hill.

Vicki Sweeton xx

Dear Diary
It was a normal day it didn’t fell like my birthday but it was and I was finally 13. When I got home from school mum and Sarge where at the table waiting to give me my present. I ripped open the wrapping paper and there it was a brand new wetty it was green and gold like the Aussie colours. I slipped it on grabbed my board and headed for the door. I was sitting on my board waiting for a wave I caught the next wave and when I was about to go through this huge barrel when someone dropped