Essay about Mckibben: Is the World We Inhabit Good Enough?

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“As birds have been blessed with flight, we have been blessed with an exuberant consciousness that has given rise to so much good” (Pg. 113). But is the world good enough? We have made tremendous strides toward the betterment of our future in ways that we once thought imaginable. Technology is becoming so far advanced that even the options to improve a human at birth is becoming possible. If we can do this who knows where we will be in the next hundred years or even tomorrow. The world is not simply good enough, it could be even better. According to Mckibben, we’re capable of the further transformations necessary to redeem the world. Humanity is not, in the words of one techno-prophet, “running out of steam…burdened by deep-set flaws that will always limit our minds potential” (Pg. 114). Our minds are constantly growing; new ideas and findings are being made every minute. Some where in a lab, there is a scientist working day and night to find the cure to cancer or developing nanotechnology so one day we’ll be able to spray on our jeans. Our minds are limitless. Yes, this all does take time but we have with reasonable steadiness made tremendous strides that place us on the right course. Mckibben also points out that these innovations can direct us in a path of dangerous horrors but I, like John Locke, have a more optimistic view of human nature. I believe we do have the capability to monitor and figure out what is good for the world. So we shouldn’t stop these amazing advancements because people, like Mckibben, are scared of progress. He