Mckinsey Practice Case Interview Essay

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Client goal
Our client is RefreshNow! Soda. RefreshNow! is a top 3 beverage producer in the U.S. and has approached McKinsey for help in designing a product launch strategy.

Description of RefreshNow! Soda

As an integrated beverage company, RefreshNow! leads its own brand design, marketing and sales efforts. In addition, the company owns the entire beverage supply chain, including production of concentrates, bottling and packaging, and distribution to retail outlets. RefreshNow! has a considerable number of brands across carbonated and non-carbonated drinks, 5 large bottling plants throughout the country and distribution agreements with most major retailers.

McKinsey study

RefreshNow! is evaluating the launch of a new product,
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products. (Note: In marketing, the decreased demand for an existing product that occurs when its vendor releases a new or similar product is called “cannibalization”. It is not important for you to use this business terminiology.)
Operational Capabilities. Ensure access to preferred distribution channels. Ensure sales force capabilties to sell the new product. Ensure production ramp-up that allows response to increased demand.
QUESTION 4: Within the key drivers for market share, RefreshNow! wants to know which to tackle first and what the strategy should be. Therefore McKinsey helped RefreshNow! design and run a study to understand branding and distribution. The following information shows results from the study, based on a sample of target consumers. What can you conclude from the study in regards to the preferred marketing image and strategy of O-Natura?
A very good answer would include the following insights:
Branding should emphasize sports drink identity. “Healthy” identity is dominated by Cool product, “Leisure” by O2Flavor and “Sports” fragmented in other products. Clear niche within “Sports” identity, with top 2 brands currently occupying only 30% of share of mind. Sports branding should also determine thinking around the sales channels (e.g., sales during sports events or at sports facilities).
Distribution differs from current outlets and needs new agreements/research. Major shifts