Mcleod Nature Vs Nurture

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Nurture's Influence
“Genius is 1% of inspiration, 99% perspiration” says Thomas A Edison. Even the famous American inventor thought nurture is important. In the article “Nature vs Nurture in Psychology” Saul Mcleod reports that the debate of the influence between nature and nurture. Mcleod claims that some nativists believe genetic factors control our physical characteristic and behavior. And empiricists believe that human’s development and behavior influenced by environment. Also she describes that there a controversy between whether “ genius” is from nature or nurture. In brief, the author states that nature and nurture interact on human behavior. Thus, it is clear nature affect us in a variety of ways, however, nurture affect the most in the human development and behavior.
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People inherit genes from their parents, and genetics make the different appearance, color of skin and eyes and sex. Also, the difference between people’s appearance influence the attitude of many people. For example, I met a twins(two girls) when I was in High School. Those two girls looks very similar and pretty, they are slim and their eyes are big. Many people like them, help them if they have questions and they had many friends, it’s happens only several weeks after they transferred to my High School. However, another transfer students, a girl who looks “unusual” and my friends said she was wacky. I don’t know if she is wacky nor not, but I know that she does not have a friends since the first day of school. The twins and the girl are all transfer students, but people treat them differently. Nobody talked to the girl after class because they don’t want to stand or sat together with her, but everyone talked to the pretty twins and helped her about their homework question. Nature of a person affect how other people treat to them. In the society right now, people usually pay attention to the appearance