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Executive Summary

The objectives of this report are to discuss our group’s app idea, and show how this idea is original to existing apps. We will provide a background to the app market, and then further discuss how our app will fit into this market.

Our app’s function is to give a detailed map of the Strathclyde campus, so students can find their way around, and can also find the quickest route to their class. Not only this, but it also shows students where toilets are, as there can be confusion due to men and woman’s toilets not being next to each other, the lifts/stairs, fire exits, cafes and vending machines, and finally what level of the library has computers available.

We are confident to state that there is no other app like ours. Our app idea is specialised to the university of Strathclyde, and so it was easy to find out if this app exists. We are hoping that our app will be successful, so we can transfer our idea to other universities in the country, and finally worldwide. Southhampton university has a map of their university available to download, although we feel their app is very basic only including the essential features: a map of the university buildings, and the live bus times for Uni-Link bus stops (Google Play, 2012). Our app is sophisticated. We have went beyond what we feel is the norm. We did not merely identify features that already exist in the market, but decided to think creatively and come up with innovative ideas. Restricting to what is already available lacks the element of risk- taking. We wanted to give our app some entrepreneurial flair, and so came up with the computer availability feature. Technology is forever expanding, and we want to be a part of that expansion.

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