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James Swindle

Richard M. Nixon

In the many books I’ve read on President Nixon, I have learned many interesting and deceiving facts. Some books focused in on his uniqueness and how his amazing style differed from the rest of the president, while other books talk about his disloyalty and horrible style of presidency. For books Nixon and The Environment, and No Peace, No Honor the main focus branched around how he opened up relations to China and with U.S.S.R. When President Nixon opened up relations with China it ended the feud between both sides after a 25year long fight. For books A Cold War Turning Point, and Nixon's super-secretaries the last grand presidential reorganization effort only focused on the bad president Nixon had done such as The Water Gate Scandals, which was the main focus in both books. Watergate Scandal was a significant political scandal, and Nixon attempted to cover up his involvement in the whole thing. The main points this book A Cold War Turning Point were to justify how president Nixon was a terrible president. The author uses the Watergate scandals as her main argument to prove President Nixon Flaws. The book gave precise information on how Nixon and his colleague attempted to break into the office of the Democratic National Committee, and wiretap phones to collect important information, it also showed how Nixon might not have known about the situation before it happened, but shows how he attempted to cover the whole thing up. The book gave a lot of useful information, and provided me with future knowledge about the Water Gate Scandal. The overall focus of the book No Peace, No Honor is to inform readers about how significant of a leader President Nixon was. The author main argument was to prove that president Nixon wasn’t as bad people thought he was, so he how Nixon reduced the Federal Government saving the taxpayers billions of dollars. This is valuable information, because 90% of people would never see the good in president Nixon because the Watergate scandal over