Me and Lifesyle Essay

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Grade Band: High School
Unit Target: Physical Science
Unit Topic: Everyday Energy

Unit 12
Lesson 4

Instructional Targets

Standards for Language
• Vocabulary Acquisition and Use: Use words acquired through academic and domain-specific sources when speaking and writing.
Daily Living
• Nutrition and Food Preparation: Recognize and prepare or select basic foods that make up a balanced meal.
Which of your state standards are aligned to these instructional targets?
Classroom Activities/Lesson Plan
Life Skills Application 1: Eat, Sleep and Exercise Daily
Introduce this activity after students have read Chapter 1.
In the first chapter of this book, students learned that people need energy to work and play. People get energy from eating right, getting enough sleep and exercising.
A diary is a place where people write things every day. This lesson gives students a form to keep a record or diary of their own habits, a way to analyze these habits and a place to plan for improvements.

Students will write what they have eaten for each meal, circle the number of hours they slept and the number of minutes they have exercised. They will total the number of servings of foods, hours of sleep and minutes of exercise.
The students will then determine if they match the “just right” amounts.
They will then make a place to get their amounts to match as closely as possible.

Fill out a chart for each day and bind them together of a week’s worth of records. Continue to do this weekly to track improvements.
Level 3
• Students will use unit topic words in conversation. • Students will select food items to create a balanced meal.

Differentiated Tasks
Level 2
• Students will point to pictures of key vocabulary from unit topics as part of a discussion. • Students will use picture supports to select foods in particular food group categories.