Me And Lucina's Hatred: A Narrative Fiction

Words: 297
Pages: 2

Me and Lucina were flippin’ floored. We gazed at the sky for a minute or two, and then I saw Lucina take a deep breath.
“Got to admit something to you, Dulci,” she muttered.
“What is it? Something wrong?” I pondered.
“I got fired from the job today. For body slamming that son of a biscuit,” Lucina embarrassingly admitted.
“That’s okay,” I retaliated, “you were always the rough and tumble type. I really didn’t think that job was for you.”
“Me neither,” she said, “But don’t worry about it. I already got plans for achieving a new job and believe you me, I will get it without a sweat.”
“I know,” I understood.
Lucina then turned to me quick and barked, “And it’ll be great! I know it’ll be for me. You’ll see whenever you want to come over there.”