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Have you ever experienced a jaw-dropping situation that seemed so unbelievable to you? We all might have had that feeling one time, but how can you learn from anything without making a mistake? We also know that working with money is one of the biggest responsibilities that one can ever take upon themselves. Whether it is cashiering, banking, waitressing, etc. we deal with, and unfortunately we all make mistakes. Even I make mistakes and working with money was one of them. After I had a dream about working with a customer and getting a phone call that something with my money was funny, I instinctually knew something was wrong.
It was the coldest day of December and everything outside was frozen with black ice on the street to ice on branches. I was scheduled to come to work at 6 p.m. Because of where I lived, I had no choice but to wake up two hours ahead to time due to the weather and getting dress. I glanced at the clock on wall and thought I had plenty of time to get some sleep. “Ruff, Ruff, Ruff,” as my alarm sounded off 1 hour later with the sound of a barking dog, but all I awoke to was the dream I had, thinking to myself how real it seemed as I got dressed and left out for work.
I arrived to work on time, but I was already aggravated because of the long, impatient line of people waiting to get served. Seconds later, I became even more aggravated because of drive- thru time (3:59) that I had to manage to bring down. So I was pushing orders out, taking orders, marking money at the same time until I realized there was something strange about the car up next. There was a woman driving with no passenger, but a man was sitting on the driver’s side in the back seat. I did not think much of it so I quickly took their money and continued to push orders out. After the rush was over, the same strange car came to the drive- thru again. This time the man was driving and woman was seated on the driver’s side in the back seat. As I took his twenty dollar bill he asked me questions, “Where I know you from? Do you live around here? Are you enjoying this weather?” Once again, I did not think much of it. After my last car left, three hours later I was sent home two hours early