me as the woman who rules the world Essay

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funk master man Nickelodeon wanted to escape from the shitty Louisiana town when all of a sudden the helicopter left him on top of a hotel. There standing with him was a a gay dad named Coachella, a rocket power totally tubular dude girl named The Rock, and a gay bluegrass hillbilly who talks about his forbidden love with Keith named FuckShitAssCocksDick. the 4 go on an adventure down the burbing building where they go to a gun store owned by a Woopie Goldbreg. Whoopie clears the path and they go to the mall.

On their adventure they come across a crazy man with a foam number 5 for a finger. Coachella says "Ay, wazzat big apple pie fronzellie bodacious shoshacious fella gettin off with his big nut hand, man?" and the Nick replied "Beats me but FUCK HIM" and shoots him in the fucking like, the fucking DICK cause nick is a fucking BADASS and his white suit is rED with BLOOD

Then they were like. i mean fuckdickasscocksmothefucker was like "ayy the midnight riders can play music and save us and shit and. wait oops " and coachella said "yeah flipa tuscan babe on ahickey stick and beat off to german barbarian porn" and the roch replied by saying "UUUUUU" and they totally rocked it out to jammin tunes and shit and the heli saved them and they lived but then they got trapped in a swmp and shit but they got out because a talking boat saved them and showed them his boat cock so they got off at piece of shit Georiga