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Ian Nuttall
3750 Alice Lane Las Vegas, Nevada, 89103, United States 5096799420
Professional Experience
Construction Assistant January 2014 - Present
As a team of two we work smaller private construction jobs for homeowners and small business owners. We specialize in painting and drywall but have done porcelain tile and sound proofing as well. I just moved to Las vegas recently and this was simply work I found under the table to make ends meet until I found something more permanent. I would assist Corey with generally anything he needed at the given moment. He is not aware that I am currently looking for other work. I make good money with him when we're working but it's too off and on. I need something more steady. If I used him as a reference however he would attest to my hard work and 100% dependability.
Cashier August 2013 - November 2013
As a cashier it was my responsibility to greet all customers cordially and assist in gas and food transactions. Furthermore we handled foodstamps, phone cards, lottery and scratch tickets and assisted with any issues customers may have had with pumps, tire pressure etc.. At this job I was considered an exemplary customer service provider and friends I have working there still tell me that the customers ask about me. I loved what I did and working in customer service was by far my favorite job I've ever had. I was let go because of a liquor board sting. I accidentally sold cigarettes to a 17 year old thinking she was 19 after checking her ID in the middle of a rush. The managers there will give me shining references for my service skills and dependability. 509-782-4261. Lack of work after that prompted my move to Las Vegas.
Completed coursework towards History Education, Apr 2012
Frankly I simply got behind on money and could not afford to continue going to school