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February 3, 2013 Chicken Dinner Throughout my child hood my mother always told me I had to learn how to cook. My mother explained to me that if learned how to cook I wouldn’t have to be dependent of any other person or specifically a woman. I was thought to cook a few meals and the way it worked was by cooking the meal for my family so many times I would almost perfect it. One of the meals I really liked and learned how to cook was grilled chicken with white rice and any kind of red wine one prefers. Before you start cooking anything you want to check if you have all the ingredients in your home to make this meal. For this meal you will need to buy one or two onions depending the size of the meal, black pepper, salt, lemon juice or regular lemons is good too, cooking oil, rice, a pack of skinless and boneless chicken breast which can usually be bought in the local market, and any red wine you prefer. Once you buy all the ingredients you want to lay everything down in a counter where you can see all ingredients and have space to work. First you want to preheat an outdoor grill and lightly pour two teaspoon of oil on grill or if you don’t have a grill you can also set a pan on the stove between medium – high heat and again lightly pour oil. While the grill or pan heats up you can grab the lemon juice and pour one half of a cup to a round deep plate or if you bought regular lemons you can also squeeze about two or three in to the plate. After you pour the lemon juice on to the deep plate take four chicken breast and dip it into the lemon juice one at a time and afterwards drop it on a regular flat plate. Once you have all your chicken breast dipped and ready you grab one onion and cut it in half, take one half and slice it into multiple slices then take the other and store it because you won’t need it. Pick up the slices of onions and place it upon the chicken breast then sprinkle black pepper and salt on to