Me Time Essay

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Me Time

No matter how busy or lack of free time an individual has, “me time” is an extremely important aspect to enjoying life. Personal time has many positive effects for an individual. It allows for reflection on past situations that could have been handled differently. It creates a chance to for individuals to step back and take a break. Sometimes with all the daily stress that we go through, it is nice to just take a deep breathe and get refreshed. Another important aspect of “me time”, is that it allows one to focus on one’s goals and how they can get them accomplished. I try to do this once a week. I usually spend an hour or so every Friday and go out and shoot baskets by myself. I do have my headphones on and listening to a wide variety of music. I just spend the time shooting and clearing my head of any outside stresses that I have. It is just me with my music and my favorite activity alone for the time I have. It may not sound like the most conventional method of taking of a break, but it does allow me all the things I need to continue on to the next week. I am able to think what things I should have done differently with my previous decisions or actions. It allows me to recharge for the mental stress that goes in daily life. The most important aspect about my “me time” is that it motivates me to do what I need to do to get to where I want to be in all areas of my life. I have a rule that I never leave the court until my last shot goes through the