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Gilmore Girls’ TV Show Getting Back

“Once a good show loses its way, can it ever truly regain it?” As I read that first sentence, I wondered what they were talking about, I didn’t know that one of my favorite shows; Gilmore Girls, wasn’t doing too good. As I read on, I saw that there are many daytime shows not doing as good as they used to. The West Wing is doing better than it was the past couple of seasons but its not as good as it was when it first came out. The writer compares crying because the show was so good when it first came out, to crying now because it’s not as good as it used to be and viewer miss that. As television shows run through the years, they change, obviously the plots have to change as the characters change and the years go by.

The author starts the article by introducing other television shows that are also having trouble with making their plots interesting enough so that their audience keeps watching. The author explains that although the shows are still good, they are not as good as they used to be and that they could use a little something to improve the shows. Although he doesn’t specify what the shows need, he does say that “a down season for The Sopranos is still better than almost anything else on TV.”

The author used pathos by showing his emotions to how different shows are doing. At the end of the article, he says that his “relationship with the Gilmore Girls is by no means over-good TV relationships are too hard to come by for that.” In other words, just because the series was doing bad and now that it is finally getting better, doesn’t mean he should just stop watching the show, the fact that the show is getting better, should tell any person that it’s worth watching again.

Some background on the characters and the show will help you understand what the article is really saying. Gilmore Girls is about a mother, Lorelai , who had her daughter, Rory, when she was sixteen. Lorelai’s parents are very well off, meaning rich, they pay for Rory’s schooling and because of that, they make Lorelai and Rory come to their house for dinners on Friday. Lorelai’s mother is very judgmental, so she judges everything Lorelai does and says. In other words, their Friday dinners aren’t very fun for either Lorelai or Rory. Rory grew up being best friends with her mother so when Lorelai is not happy, neither is Rory. They are their own family.

“This season there’s been much talk about the comeback in quality of Gilmore Girls.” The series of Gilmore Girls has improved within the last couple of seasons, as Lorelai after breaking off her engagement to Max, decided to open an inn with her best friend, Sukki, as they have been planning on doing for a very long time. As the inn progressed, so did the show. Things start happening for Rory, as she went away to college at Yale. Lorelai and Luke started dating casually and then they started dating seriously. Now that Lorelai’s parents reconciled and renewed their wedding vows, the show is really taking a turn for better.

The credibility in this article is given when the show’s creator gives her opinion even though it is a joke. The show’s creator said, “I actually think our increased drug use this year really put us on the top of the game.” As you can tell, this really is a joke, no one in the show has ever used drugs and I doubt anyone would use them off the