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“If the limit does not approach anything, the limit does not exist.” This quote from Cady Herron (Lindsey Lohan) in the movie Mean Girls pretty much sums up the moral of the entire movie. Throughout the film, we see a young girl who enters high school without a clue as to what is about to succumb to her. Here is a gorgeous young broad in a high school where the girls there do not amount to the looks of the “Plastics ,” therefore the Plastics jump in for a chance to add to their click. Cady seems to be the perfect candidate. Over the course of all the drama filled shenanigans, Cady realizes that everyone is beautiful in their own special way. When we talk about limits, in contrast to looks or perfection, we see that a limit does not exist. Everyone has a flaw and no one individual is perfect. In the next few paragraphs, some psychological topics will be covered, as the movie Mean Girls displays an array of issues that we deal with in our everyday life. Let’s start with stereotypes. In the beginning of the movie, Cady meets Janis. Janis befriends Cady and shows her around the school, naming off the different “clicks” that sit next to each other during lunch and hang out together. “Now over there, are the jocks, then we have the Asian nerds, “ and so on and so forth. This isn’t a bad display of pointing out stereotypes. Further along in the film, we see that stereotypes pop up again. As Regina is explaining to Cady how the Plastics run, Regina tells Cady that if she wants to