Mean Girls Essay

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The film that I chose to write about is a Paramount Pictures presentation titled Mean Girls, starring Lindsay Lohan and also featuring a handful of Saturday Night Live cast members, including Tina Fey the author of this picture. The reason behind choosing this film is because it has a unique style of introducing characters, transitioning between scenes, and various tools to help spice up the film. Being one of my personal favorites, Mean Girls is a comedy about a home schooled teenage girl who enters high school for the first time. She tries to figure herself out by where she can fit in and who she needs to become friends with. Cady Heron is the main character (played by Lohan) who narrates through out the movie. She spent her whole …show more content…
Before you know it, she slowly transitions into a Plastic, only obsessing about herself, and forgetting about Janis and Damien, her first friends. Now that she is a plastic, everything seems to go into a disaster. She fights with her parents, the whole school gets mad at her, and she lost a chance of real friendship, but like all movies, it ends peacefully.
Being a girl gives me an advantage when it comes to interpreting the film. I think every girl can interpret this movie in the way that all girls can be mean. At some point in their life, they all talk behind each others back, break secrets, have social cliques, don't like other girls, dress to impress and more. I see this movie as a way of making fun of all the girls in America and telling them to just chill-out. We shouldn't care so much about the way we look, or obsess over certain guys, or like Cady shows us in the movie, controlling everything around her has become so easy just because she was the new Queen Bee. Though this movie is a bit off the walls in some scenes, it gets the point across, especially since Cady gives us commentary the whole way through. The movie ends with the teachers getting together with all the girls and making them confess their lies and confront their problems, which is an excellent approach to let your feelings out the right