meaning of hip-hop Essay

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"Is gangster rap hip-hop? Sure. Does gangster rap involve talent? I think not." When people think of hip-hop music they think of violent rap that's talking about killing and raping. Not all hip-hop is like that though. It's not necessary to use obscenities or to speak of murder or drugs to be a good rapper. For some reason violence, sex, crime, and drugs are associated with rap. Rappers feel that they have to take on this gangster image in order to succeed. Not true!
Violence is the main element of gangster rap. Most hardcore gangster artists such as Eminem, Rza and Ja Rule revolve their music around violence. As portrayed in even the names of some songs like Ja Rule's hit "Murder for Life" and Rza's "Domestic Violence". Don't get me wrong, these lyrical poets do have talent but if they could stray from lyrics about killing, they would receive more respect.
Gangster rappers also seem to always encourage sex or demean women. Some songs are created with the mere purpose of disgracing women. Rapping about sex the way they do brings it down to their level and I find that as an insult. They need not disrespect our women. Who do they think they are?
Drugs are another topic widely spoken by gangster rappers. They know the influence they have on today's youth but they feel it necessary to repeatedly speak of marijuana, shrooms and so on. As much as they may deny it, some people do try drugs merely because their favorite performer thinks its cool. Eminem's hit song "My Fault" made mushrooms more