Meaning of Life and God Essay

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Personal Worldview
Manjit Kumari
Spirituality in Health Care
Matthew Hampton

Personal Worldview

Spirituality is a term that has never-ending definitions and has different meaning for everyone based on faith. Everybody believe that spirituality is what you believe in and it’s the “ongoing effort to grow our relationship with God, we already have a close relationship with God but helps to build and strengthen through Scripture reading and prayers Which is not a series of perceptions or beliefs to maintain in our mind but its combined concept of life and a means of living life according to that vision. Spirituality cuddles all the choice those are based on action-oriented that provides direction not only to person’s thinking, but helps to make decision. (What Is Spirituality?) (n.d.)
(1)What is prime reality-the really real?
The prime reality is God, In Christian Theism, written that Prime reality is God revealed in the Holy Scriptures, because he has created everything in this world. God is great, superior & inherent, well-informed sovereign and good. Deism describe that God created the world but he did not maneuvered the world, he was just a universal “CLOCK MAKER” and disagrees with the true nature of God. In Naturalism, it is just material cosmos which does not believe in God’s Existence. In Nihilism, believes that there is no such things like God and everything is materialistic. Existentialism also has the same have faith as like Naturalism. According to Christian religion, people have confidence in God because he is everything and the heavens is God which is further than excellence. Existentialism believes that everybody’s spirit is actually merged with the spirits of the cosmos. According to the Modern worldview, the soul of the human and god is the prime reality .In Postmodernism, thinking is reality. How interesting is to find out how a person knows rather than what a person knew and believes that if something is not real, then it cannot be known And based on excessive thinking .A Christian worldview regards all people as created by God in his image. (8 Questions Every Worldview Must Answer.) (n.d.).
(2)What is the nature of external reality, that is, the world around us?
GOD created the world as created or independent and orderly, it was just a soul According to the Christian Theism, and God rules the world which he has created through answering their prayers. Deism believes that world the god created seems like a closed system, miracles are impossible. In Naturalism, the cosmos are just materialistic which specially created for human, external reality give the idea in both ways subjective and objective. Nihilism, believes that nothing exists in this world and the thing are running by itself. In modern era the discernable creation is reachable because of usual consciousness, and the masked universe is seen through different perception. In Postmodernism, everyone believes that matter exists in this world, but God‘s presence is absent, In Christian worldview God has created the whole universe and they all responsible to obey Him. (8 Questions Every Worldview Must Answer.)(n.d.).
(3) What is a human being?
God created Human as unique with purpose, even though everybody share similar features or characteristics but still they are different from each other and have their own importance before GOD.IN Deism, human beings are just a part of the era . Naturalism stated that human’s beings are compound individuals which have relation between their personalities and chemicals. In Nihilism believes that human beings are really do not exist and they are deceased. Their lives really has no importance and are not accountable for whatsoever. In Existentialism, human beings are aware about their existence that who they are and have freedom to reveal their purpose. Now a days a human is cosmos and more aware about the revolution happening in the world. In Postmodernism, humans being strives to