Essay about Meaning of Life and Stay Gallery

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Stay Gallery The community I belong to is no very large and many of the people that reside in this city know each other. Long time residences of Downey have been moving out of the city at a rapid pace. The reasons as to why this is happening are yet unknown but a group of individuals began a non-profit to make an effort in being the cause of people staying in Downey. This group assumed that people are leaving the city because there is no events keeping them updated with changes the city is having nor are they being involved. It all started by hosting events that allow other residents of Downey to see work of art that their neighbors are capable of doing. They were show casing the art and raising money at the same time to help these people get to their goals. Along with that the group began to host programs for the youth, the purpose behind it was to show the kids the programs that are available to them that will help them through life and down the road to success. Stay gallery gets its name out there by working with all the local businesses. The businesses show case the event that they will be hosting and at the same time the businesses are also donating towards these events to help the organization stay at float. What is interesting with the stay gallery is the meaning behind it all, they have taken it upon themselves that their duty moving forward is service for those of the city if Downey. This movement is to better the people of Downey but it is also to…