Meaning of race Essay

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“What is the meaning of Race to you? Do we judge people by skin color today?”

Race is a word that cannot be defined clearly. It is a word that has multiple meanings. Originally, it was meant to distinguish humans nowadays from our caveman ancestors, but today it is a word used to refer to a person’s physical appearance. Today the word “race” is considered a social idea rather than a biological fact. We associate stereotypes to every race and judge others based on those stereotypes.
In our modern society today, we all like to believe we judge people fairly. Throughout our media and schools we are taught that it is wrong to judge someone based on the color of their skin or outward appearance. Whether we like to admit it or not, we usually decide what we think about a person based on their looks. This then affects how we treat that person. We look at the color of their skin, the way they dress, their accent, the people they hang out with, and then assign a race to them in our minds. It's only our human nature everyone does it. It's just to what extent and if we hurt the other person by remarking or treating them differently because of the color of their skin is being racist. Racial discrimination is usually based on a prejudice by a stereotype. Most prejudice is based on ethnicity; some people associate an ethnic background with stereotypical behavior. An example of this is defining all Asians as smart and love rice. Many do but not all. Another example is Hispanic