Measure Twice Cut Once Analysis

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You’ve probably heard the expression ‘Measure Twice, Cut Once’. It is an American proverb. “On page 76 of the book “Bible 2.0” by Nathan Smithe”(Bruce). In my own words, ‘Measure Twice, Cut Once’ means think before you do something, make sure you’re doing the right thing because if it's not the right thing to do/say then there could be a negative outcome. In the world we are in today you really have to watch your actions and what you say. Because everyone seems to get offended. Even if it's over the littlest things. So if you thinks before you do or say something then you could save yourself from an argument. So the goal for this paper is to explain what my proverb means by giving you examples through significant people, current events and …show more content…
Washington experienced colonial life hardships on the edge of the wilderness. He learned that life was difficult at a young age. “This knowledge helped make him become strong and patient”(Chase). By George experiencing hardships it really made him think twice about doing things while growing up. While George was growing up he only went to school until he was 14 or 15. “But he learned to make the most of all his abilities and opportunities”(Chase). While other kids finished school George didn't so he didn't have as much knowledge as the other kids which made him think twice before doing something so he knew it was the right decision. George Washington decided that he was going to join the military but he had no experience. He applied to commision the militia. “He was put in charge of training the militia in Southern Virginia”(Chase). With George having no experience he really had to make sure he was training the militia right so that meant he had to think things more than one time to make sure it was the right thing to do. So as you read all through out George Washington's life he lived by “Measure Twice, Cut