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Measure B: Clean Water Official Title and Summary

This measure will work to repair water fountains in the A building as well as those around the baseball field. Not only that, new water fountains will be installed near the B building and the C building in order to make water available to students who have classes in those buildings.

Many of the fountains in the A building do not work, depriving students of the opportunity to take a quick sip during passing period.

Also, the addition of new water fountains in the B building and C building will allow students in those classrooms to quench their thirst.

In addition to repairing the fountains that are not functioning, water filters will be installed to ensure that the quality of the water being provided to students is crisp and clean.
Summary of Estimate of Fiscal Net State and Local Impact

The costs of repairing and adding new fountains will include an estimate of $25,000 in one initial payment install these new changes.

After the initial payment, only a small amount of money will be needed in order to maintain the fountains to ensure they will continue to work and provide students with the water they deserve. Analysis
Education Code (EC) requires school districts to provide access to free, fresh drinking water during meal times in schools unless the governing board of a school district. The California
Department of Education (CDE) also encourages school districts to consider a proactive approach to expanding access and increasing water consumption by both students and district staff. The most important way to encourage increased water consumption is to have free, fresh drinking water readily available and accessible.
This measure will ensure that the water fountains do what they were created to do ­ to…