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Measuring Aluminum Block
Navarro, Rodrigo
10-1-14, 10-6-14
Physics 150, Lab Section

Kayceleen A.
Han Z.
Raul C.
Manuel M.
Group Analysis
Object: To learn to use a meter stick and balance in determining the density of an aluminum block.
Apparatus: Meter stick, Balance, Assorted Masses, and Aluminum Block
Theory: In determining the percentage difference in this experiment, I believe that we will find a higher difference in measuring the percentage error.
1. First, in this group activity, my group and I measured the aluminum blocks length, width, depth, and mass. We measured the blocked 5 times so we can find an average. Each member measured the block once to get different areas of the stick.
2. Once we measured the block 5 times we found the average of length, width, depth, and mass.
3. We followed the steps and next was finding the Volume of the block. In order to do that, we multiplied the (average length)(average width)(average depth).
4. After the Volume was found we needed to determine the Density of the block. The formula for density was (average mass) divided by (Volume).
5. Once we determined the density, next was finding the Net Instrumental Error. This formula was a bit tricky, it was the uncertainty divided by average length, width, depth, and mass all added together.
6. Lastly, we needed to find the % error which is indicated by the known value- experimental value divided by known value.
Finding the Volume: V=