Meat and Documentary Film Essay

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Food Inc. is an American documentary film produced by the Participation Media and directed by the award winning director Eric Schlosser. The documentary film focuses on the farming in the United States which includes the industrial production of animal meat (beef, pork and chicken) and by-products and as well as the production of some crops such as corn and soy bean. The documentary film examines the unethical, inhumane and unhealthy production processes of these commodities and its possible impact on the consumers, environment and well as those who are involved in the production process.

The documentary film raised a good argument which may possibly put consumers in a dilemma of whether choosing what is cheap and convenient or healthy and environment-friendly. A large portion of the US population prefers tasty, fast and low-cost foods, in other words, economical and convenient. However, as shown in the documentary film, these products which are often considered as convenient and economical are actually those which are also unfit for human consumption and at the same time, not environment-friendly. As seen in the documentary film, the industrial production of meat (chicken, beef and pork) and as well as grains and vegetables are done in inhumane and unhealthy manner. By sacrificing health standards, the agribusiness companies ensure their profit by having low-cost produce. I learned the following information after watching the Food Inc. documentary film: 1) Farm owners treat the livestock and poultry in their farms in a horrifying and sickening manner; 2) Farm