Essay on Meat and Vegetarian Diet

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Is it cruel to kill animals for food? Vegetarians are considered people who have refrained from eating red meat, poultry, and fish for about a year or more through their lives. Some people are considered vegan, which in their case they don't use any products that have anything to do with animals including eggs and dairy. People are vegetarians for all sorts of reasons. Some people are vegetarians because of health reasons, religious restrictions, environmental degradation, animal’s rights issues, and food safety.
Vegetarians think that it is unnecessary to take an animal’s life when vegetarian and vegan options are available .One opinion a lot of vegetarians have in common is that animals should not have to be slaughtered to satisfy an unnecessary dietary preference. Like why kill a pig or fish when you could have some fruits and vegetables. Another reason some people feel it’s necessary to become vegetarian or vegan is because of health reasons. A vegetarian diet helps build healthy bones because vegetarians absorb more calcium than meat eaters. Also a vegetarian diet lowers the risk of heart disease. A vegetarian diet helps promote a healthful weight.
Non vegetarians think that eating meat is not cruel or unethical to animals. Also that every organism on earth dies, at some point so others can live. There is nothing wrong with this cycle, and it is how nature works. Every non vegetarian has their opinion, just like vegetarians do. Either you eat meat or you don’t but that is your choice.
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