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Diamond Jackson
Tom Laverty
ENG 102-04
July 3, 2014

Meat the Truth
Everyone knows that the government keeps a lot of things from us whether it is from Area 51 to the Loch ness Monster, or the C.I.A Mind experiments to Churchill and the UFO’s. Or maybe all those “government secrets” are cover ups to something way bigger than we even thought. It’s not new to existence that this is true, whether people tend to open their eyes and look at the big picture or become the government’s “puppets” and live life blind to what takes place around us. There is truth in a lot of things, it just takes the right amount of knowledge and also a lot of digging into find out the truth. I mean isn’t it weird that the amount of people that are sick in this world still continue to be sick even after thousands of dollars’ worth of testing and prescriptions that they think will make it better? If you notice every time you go to the doctor or even urgent care they always say it would be a good idea for you to come back and make another appointment with your primary physician, even after they already prescribed you medication to supposedly fix the problem. It is so much money in the health field how do you think they continue to get there? It is because of the increase of sick people.
In late March of 2014 I went over to my grandmother’s house, because of my busy schedule I don’t have time to contact most of my family members or even close friends. All I did and still continue to do is work and attend my weekly classes. She is always filled with joy when I come over always telling me her latest findings and even tells me she’s going to a “senior citizens prom”, which I never knew existed she began to talk to me about what she was wearing and began to ask me what was the latest trends and seasonal colors. She slowly changed the subject to her health, from the beginning of the 21st century she was never healthy, back in 2001 they told her she wouldn’t make it to the end of the year. She always kept her head up high and always put in her mind that no man can set an end date to anyone’s life and that no man knew when we would die only the most high can. And that is God. She told me over the years that she had over 16 types of tumors and other cancerous cells living in her body. One in her head, two in each breast, one on the side of her belly, two developing tumors in her lungs and way many more to even remember, insane right? It was way too much for me to even put into thought, I immediately began to cry not knowing so but I also shut her out in a daze still hearing what she’s saying but not comprehending or reacting on the things that was coming out of her mouth. Whenever things like this came up it was always my defense mechanism. Continuing to ramble on about what she’s been going through I still was caught in a daze I guess she saw in my facial expression that I wasn’t responding she said something that shocked me and immediately caught my attention snapping me out of the daze by telling me she then discovered the truth which was the cure for cancer and other “non-curable” diseases.
As I turned back to her I asked for clarity on what she said, stating that there isn’t a cure for cancer or any other non-curable diseases that they would have put it out already to help the people. She then yelled “Bull Shit!” She explained to me more and gave me food for thought telling me have I ever thought why we were getting so much money in the health field and where is that money coming from. And if the government was really trying to help us we wouldn’t be in these “fucked up situations” now. Laughing a little in the inside because I never heard her cuss but also thinking critically, she gave me a video tape told me to watch it and to tell her what I thought afterwards. In the video that she gave me she wanted me to show as many people as possible to spread the word, but she wanted me to watch it first to get a better understanding of what she was