Mechanical Engineering Purpose

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Technology has had a bearing on me since childhood. As an engineer, I am glad to be a part of the industry that involves distributing the products of technology across different scales. Innovative technologies have fascinated me since an early age, motivating me to acquire the skills necessary to develop applications that have a significant impact on human lives.
This inclination to explore and innovate led me to choosing the field of Mechanical Engineering for my undergraduate studies. The course opened a new world of learning and possibilities to me. I not only gained advanced academic competence in core mechanical engineering concepts through detailed theoretical studies, but also practical dexterity through minor projects and seminars.
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It has been a great learning opportunity to initiate my career with Tenneco Automotive Pvt. Ltd., an American Fortune 500 company engaged in manufacturing Automotive Suspension and Exhaust systems. Here as a Graduate Engineer I am involved in Statistical process control, Production part approval processes, Product and Process Audits and have also received a company sponsored certification for Internal Auditing of the Quality Management System for ISO/TS 16949:2009. Here as a quality assurance engineer, witnessing manufacturing operations including supply chains, production systems and logistics I have come to appreciate my field of work and find in myself the desire to streamline my area of work within this …show more content…
I am particularly interested in learning aimed at vehicle performance, fuel economy, and drivability. One of the greatest challenges I believe is to be able to design and implement changes that meet global demands while keeping sustainability and economy in mind. Emerging markets today call for innovation that makes life simpler and at the same involves keeping end users happy and that is where product design and development in automotive engineering becomes a key criterion. Post MS, I want to be a part of a team where I can bring about positive change in the system. I believe I am someone who wants to be exposed to new ideas, practices and individuals so I can develop something unique using my learnings as a tool. The desire to be a part of something that makes a difference is what I look forward to both professionally and personally. Be it an organization or be it the people in my