Mechanical Engineering Research Paper

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Mechanical engineer Mechanical Engineering is a discipline of engineering that applies the principles of engineering, physics and materials science for analysis, design, manufacturing, and maintenance of mechanical systems. The fields that you require an understanding mechanics, kinematics, thermodynamics, materials science, structural analysis and electricity. Mechanical power for the design, production, and operation of machines and tools. It is one of the oldest and broadest engineering disciplines. The field has continually evolved to incorporate advancements in technology, and mechanical engineers today are pursuing developments in such fields as composites, mechatronics, and nanotechnology. The tools that mechanical engineers use are like flow meters is a digital particle image velocimeters; Laser Doppler anemometers; Laser Doppler velocimeters LDV; Pilot tubes. Mechanical engineers also use voltage comparator integrated circuits that helps analog to digital converters. A function generator is usually a piece of electronic test equipment or software used to generate different types of electrical waveforms over a wide range of frequencies. Technology is a big part in mechanical engineering and used a lot in this occupation. Computer-aided manufacturing (CAM), the models may also be used directly by software to create "instructions" for the manufacture of objects represented by the models, through computer numerically controlled (CNC) machining or other