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Mechanics Hall The City of Worcester is home to a vast array of historical landmarks that date as far back as the American Civil War. One such landmark of historical significance is Mechanics Hall located on Main Street in central Worcester. Originally built in 1857 for the Worcester Country Mechanics Association, Mechanics Hall has endured over 150 years of American History and remains nearly identical today as it was when it was first constructed. Throughout history and a small number of additions and reconstruction, Mechanics Hall has been the site of a number of events and been used for a variety of different reasons. First used as a type of school teaching state of the art mechanical practices and construction techniques, Mechanics Hall today is used for community and sporting events. Two decades before the Civil War, the Worcester Country Mechanics Association was formed to educate industrial workers in central Massachusetts. At this time in history, westward expansion was beginning and industrial practices were still in their infancy. In much of New England, factories and mills dominated the cities and accounted for a vast majority of employment. To maintain a steady production of materials and reduce labor, the use of various machines were utilized. The complicated nature of much of this state of the art equipment required constant maintenance to ensure production and allow for maximum efficiency. This in turn required educated laborers which at the time were in few numbers so the Worcester Country Mechanics Association sought to fill the void by educating local mill and factory workers. Over time as the demand for more engineers and mechanics increased, the size of the Mechanics Association outgrew the confines of the original building. The construction of Mechanics Hall resulted in 1857 to provide the much needed space required by the Mechanics members whom filled the building with all the latest gadgets and tools of the time. During the Civil War Mechanics Hall was a hotspot of activity as it grew increasingly popular with public speakers. Prized for its acoustics, Mechanics Hall was a prime location for public venues and events. The unique architecture of the concert hall on the third floor provided speakers with the ease of being heard without the use of electronic amplifiers and allowed the audience unparalleled sound quality for the time period. Many famous individuals from American History utilized the Hall for public speeches. From Susan B. Anthony to William Loyd Garrison and even United States presidents Woodrow Wilson, Theodore Roosevelt, and William Taft just to name a few. Just as it was during the Civil War, Mechanics Hall still offers profound sound quality while retaining a beautiful American appearance only the hard working and creative spirit that Yankee ingenuity can provide. Over the years as technology advanced, the need for Mechanics Hall as a staging area for engineers became unnecessary. Following the Civil War the building became almost exclusively used by important public figures to host events and concerts. Just before the Civil War ended a Hook Organ was installed only amplifying the acoustic experience of Mechanics Hall and increasing public use of it for music related activities. Gradually over time the Hall saw more and more use which eventually took a toll on the building’s condition. Once a great Hall for musical enjoyment and public speaking, it quickly