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My name is Ernesto Adrian Castillo, I am a student athlete at sharyland high school
currently enrolled in the clinical rotation program. I am enrolled in extra curricular activities
such as football and HOSA. My goal is to pursue a healthcare career; and the med Ed
program will help me achieve that goal. Med Ed will allow me to gain a plethora of experience
and a insight of what it means to be a health care professional.

Their is a health care issue for practically everything but, the new generations are that
a lack of information when it comes to the these issues. We have technology everywhere and
yet people don't know much about what is going with their communities health. With "Ebola"
hitting Texas people were in panic without knowing the severity or any information about this
disease. Looking in social media people people don't know a lot about disease and most
probably never will expand their knowledge about these disease. The problem of lacking
information is coming mainly from the newer generations, seeing as the don't watch the news
on TV or actually looking it up specifically on certain websites.

As their maybe be a more risk of publicly panic, but people deserve to know what
diseases or what health issues are out around the world. Lacking information about some of
these disease is mainly the people's fault, for not looking for that information. But for some
people who do look for the information and want to be knowledgeable are at a…