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How to become Medical Laboratory Technician Have you ever wondered what a Medical Laboratory Technician does? A Medical Laboratory Technician is also known as a clinical laboratory technician. They are scientists who perform a lot of essential laboratory testing that is critical to the detection, diagnosis, and treatment of disease. To be able to define the word of a Medical Laboratory Technician this essay will discuss the job itself and its working conditions, the skills and schooling needed for success, and pathways to advance in the field, and the further job opportunities predicted for the career area. Therefore, if you are motivated, dedicated, and scientifically accurate you one should consider a career as a medical laboratory technician. Medical Laboratory Technicians perform tasks under the supervision of a medical laboratory scientist, pathologist, or other professionals that are specialized in biological science. Medical Laboratory Technicians work with microscopes, computers, and other automated laboratory machines to examine and analyze body fluids and cells. They cross match blood for accident victims, the search for fungus, bacteria, and parasites, perform chemistry profiles, and examine blood smears for anemia and leukemia. Medical laboratory technicians prepare blood, urine, and tissue analysis, they monitor tests, and they also do testing for drug levels in the blood show on to how a patient is responding to a treatment. Medical laboratory technicians are called upon to report laboratory results to other personnel, maintain equipment and maintain laboratory records. They are to follow the Standard Precautions, which include wearing your personal protective equipment (PPE) consisting of gloves, masks, goggles, and gowns. They work in different sizes and hours depending on the work area they are in. Students wanting a career as a medical laboratory technician should take math such as algebra and geometry. Science courses such as chemistry, biology, and physics. They also need physical education, English, and computer communication. One of the usual requirements is to have an associate’s degree to work in their field. Those with degrees or experience in a similar field are eligible for one-year certificate program. Courses in these programs tend to be science-oriented and focus on general laboratory knowledge. A medical laboratory technician skill is to know problem solving to be able to perform plenty of tests and need to be able to assess further tests. Must be able to know how to use lab equipment to conduct performance checks and to maintain lab equipment. So they must be trained in order to be able to use the equipment required for the job. Know how to read the specimens and lab results of patients.

Medical laboratory technicians often get the chance of becoming a medical laboratory scientists, but for