Medea Misogynist Analysis

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Throughout the play, The Medea, by Euripides, the character Medea shows much piety towards the gods and their will by going against everything society says in order to manipulate the gods will into taking place.
Jason’s character is that of impiety for anything other than himself. Jason, regardless of his surroundings, only follows his own will. He is very disloyal, as well, and turns his back on numerous people to save himself. His most profound character element is his impiety. Throughout the play, there is no evidence he does anything for the gods; however, there are scenes that show his true character. In a world where all the gods love Medea and she is a great being, he is very misogynistic against her. When she tries to talk to him about
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She has always followed the gods’ will, regardless of what society and other people say. Medea does things that no other sane human would think of doing in Greek society just to please the gods. Throughout the entire play, several different people tell her not to kill her children. She does because she knows that it is what the gods want. She knows that killing her children is the only way to bring about justice into the situation that is at hand. Medea puts aside her motherly feelings in order to please the gods and act by their justice. Her biggest character element is that of piety. She wholly believes in what the gods do and knows that she should act accordingly with what they want. When conversing with Aegeus, her piety shines through. The two friends are discussing Aegeus’ situation of infertility and his oracle. Medea wants to know what the oracle has told him, but she knows that if the gods do not will it, it should not happen. She asked her friend countless times, “Tell me, if it is right for me to hear” (Euripides 677-678). Because of her great piety to the gods, she does the unthinkable and kills her children as an act of revenge by what the gods willed. Her character is defined by piety to the gods and stopping at nothing to succeed in facilitating their …show more content…
Medea uses her manipulation skills to figure out throughout the play on multiple different people and in multiple different ways. Medea knows how to appeal to a person’s most inner being in order to manipulate them into getting what she wants, which is in line with what the gods want. Medea manipulates the chorus greatly throughout the entire play. She gets them to pity her and be on her side as she lashes out before planning what the women of the chorus would normally be wholeheartedly against. Medea appeals to the womanly nature of the chorus as she gets them to believe there is no other way to take revenge on Jason after what he did to hurt her. Her manipulation makes the chorus of women believe that everything Medea is doing is just and moral. In order for Medea to carry out the gods’ will, she must have the chorus with her and not against her. In order for her to do that, she must speak Jason’s wrong doings in an evil light in order for the chorus to also hate him and believe that what Medea is doing is the right thing. When Medea first meets the chorus, she knows what they are thinking of her. In order to urge them on her side, she chooses her words very carefully. She says, “this thing which has struck me so unexpectedly has broken my heart. I am lost, I have forfeited all joy in living my friends, and I want to die. For well I know that the man